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How do I use the reservation feature?

One of the desirable features of our Health Mate saunas is the Reserve option. This is a great way to have your sauna heated before you arrive home or when you’re anticipating repeat sessions at specific times. 

 To set a Reserve sauna session, follow these easy steps: 

  • While the sauna is in ‘Off’ mode, double tap the Reserve button until the display flashes.
  • Use Time+/Time- to set the time of day for your future sauna session. Once it is scheduled, the Reserve button will illuminate.
  • To review the time, tap the Reserve button once. The time should display for about 10 seconds.
  • Your sauna session will begin with a beeping sound that lasts about 5 seconds. It will automatically set for 30 minutes and will be at the same temperature as most recent session. Session length and temperature can be changed during your session.
  • To cancel the reservation, tap the Power button to turn on the sauna.