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How do I connect to the Bluetooth in my sauna?

Once your sauna is powered on, here’s how to get your device to connect to Bluetooth: 

To Use the AUX Audio System

Start by connecting one end of the included AUX cable to the desired mobile device. Then, connect the other end of the cable to the sauna’s AUX jack, located on the back wall of the sauna’s interior. Once connected, play the music or audio file within the mobile device. Volume control is adjusted by using the volume control on your mobile device. 

To Use the Bluetooth Audio System

First, open the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device. This is usually found under “Settings”. Search for new devices in the device’s Bluetooth menu. Select “SW468-SL” in the retrieved list and select to pair them. Your Bluetooth device should be connected and able to play your music or audio file. Volume control is adjusted by using the volume control on your mobile device.  

Note: When the AUX audio system cable is connected to the mobile device, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect.  

If you cannot connect or have lost your connection to the Bluetooth, try unplugging your sauna from the wall for 30-40 minutes and remove the Bluetooth device from your phone, then check your Wi-Fi setting and try reconnecting Bluetooth.

If you are still experiencing any technical difficulties when trying to connect to Bluetooth, fill out a support ticket and our support team will get back to you shortly.