Health Mate Infrared Saunas are the best saunas in the USA

Why Your Metabolism Needs Infrared

You’ve probably heard people say, I wish my metabolism were better! We don’t really think about our metabolism much until we notice our pants getting tighter or our bathing suits looking less flattering. But what role does metabolism play in our body’s function? We do know that a sluggish metabolism may affect weight gain. So, […]
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The Heart Wants Infrared Therapy

Heart health is uber important in a time when the CDC reports that one person dies every 34 seconds from cardiovascular disease in the U.S. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking all contribute to the risk of heart failure or heart attacks. So, while many of us are careful about our diets and incorporate […]
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Why Sauna After A Workout?

One of the best feelings once you complete a workout is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Whether you worked out in the morning and are ready to tackle the day, or you worked out in the evening and are ready to wind down, knowing you knocked out your workout just makes the day feel […]
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Can Infrared Saunas Help You Live Healthier?

The health benefits of infrared saunas and general sauna therapy have long been discussed by the medical community. Many study results have been reported in the last few decades alone. A lot of the benefits of infrared sauna technology are still being confirmed, and their recurring use in physiotherapy and holistic clinics is a positive […]
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