4 Key Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Your health and wellness directly affect your ability to thrive. Of course, we all want to live our best lives! The wellness market has taken note, offering plenty of tools to help us get there. Some have focused on light therapy as a health modality. Dozens of personal light therapy products have become popular options, […]
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Peter relaxed

7 Amazing Benefits Of Infrared

Before the New Year even arrives, there are thousands of people setting new health goals for themselves every day. It could be to get fitter, to feel more relaxed, or to move beyond chronic pain. Which specific health benefits you seek to achieve can vary as much as the choice of sauna models on the […]
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Making Infrared Part Of A Fitness Routine

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to appreciate proper prep before a workout or competition. Warm-up sessions before exercise or sports improve safety and may extend endurance. Making infrared therapy part of your fitness plan is also a smart practice. As a kid you might have hurried through the whole ‘warm up’ routine […]
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