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What is the best temperature setting for my infrared sauna?

Whether you’re using your infrared sauna for pure relaxation or to aid with health and healing, it’s important to be comfortable and follow any medical provider recommendations. First-time sauna users will want to gradually adapt to the frequency of sessions. Health Mate wants to ensure you have the optimal experience. Below are a few guidelines as you begin using your infrared sauna:

  • Limit yourself to three sessions a week during the first four weeks. After about six weeks, increase to daily sessions if desired.
  • In the event you do not feel comfortable or relaxed during a session, lower the temperature and/or open the door of the cabin.
  • Keep your sessions to 20-30 minutes. Medical advisors may suggest longer sessions for certain health conditions.
  • The ideal sauna temperature setting is between 120°F/50°C and 140°F/60°C. You should start perspiring within 10 to 15 minutes, and if not, you may need to increase the temperature by 5° increments.

Below are recommended times/settings when getting started with your infrared sauna:                                      Time                                       Temperature
Week 1            20 min                                     120°F/50°C
Week 2           23 min                                     120°F/51°C
Week 3           26 min                                     125°F/52°C
Week 4           29 min                                     125°F/53°C
Week 5           32 min                                     130°F/54°C
Week 6           35 min                                     135°F/55°C

A note of caution: It’s important to not allow your body’s core temperature to rise above 103°F/39.4°C. Otherwise, the result could be hyperthermia, which includes symptoms like dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness, and fainting. Additionally, excessive hyperthermia may include failure to perceive heat, failure to recognize the need to exit, unawareness of impending hazards, fetal damage in pregnant women, physical inability to exit the sauna, and unconsciousness.

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Where does Health Mate ship their saunas?

Health Mate sells its saunas online and delivers direct throughout the U.S. Shipping fees vary by model, so please check our online order process for final fees once placing your order.

Your sauna will arrive ready to assemble and should take less than an hour to put together using a simple latch and buckle system.

We have discontinued shipping saunas internationally due to costly fees along with customs charges.

However, if you are outside the U.S. and need replacement parts, we recommend contacting our Customer Service team and they will direct you to the best resource for parts, review your warranty status, and handle any other shipping issues.

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How do I use an infrared sauna?

Whether you just purchased your infrared sauna or are still shopping for one, it’s good to know the best use an infrared sauna. Your health and safety are important!

Infrared therapy has been around for centuries, initially introduced in the 1800s as a “light bath”. However, the technology was still new at the time and research was still being done. In 1965, a Japanese doctor patented the first far infrared heater. By 1979, Health Mate had introduced the infrared sauna to the U.S. market.

Getting Started With Your Sauna

Today infrared saunas are very commonly enjoyed in homes and wellness centers, however, we suggest some precautions before and during use:

  • To properly acclimate, set your sauna temperatures slightly lower to begin, then gradually increase it each session until you reach your comfort level.
  • Start by spending shorter sessions inside your sauna, then increase by a few minutes each time. If you feel lightheaded or nauseous, take a break or drink some fluids.
  • Spend no more than 30-40 minutes in any one sauna session.
  • Children using the sauna require adult supervision, at least initially. Be sure they are the appropriate age, generally 8 or older, and in acceptable health, since children tend to dehydrate faster than adults.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, or after your sauna session, since sauna use causes intense perspiration

Your sauna requires at least 10-15 minutes of warm-up time after you first turn it on. Once it’s at your desired temperature, you can enter the sauna and enjoy the soothing and healing experience. Wear comfortable clothing or a bathing suit or wrap yourself in a towel. For added comfort, we recommend a backrest or cushion.

While infrared heat can be relaxing and rejuvenating, you’ll gain many valuable benefits beyond just that, including pain reduction, increased circulation, and improved cardiac health.

Learn more details on how to use an infrared sauna from our Sauna Blog.

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How do I become a dealer for Health Mate saunas?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized dealer with us. Health Mate vets and partners with both brick & mortar and online retailers throughout the country to sell its high-quality infrared saunas. We strive to build partnerships that will both enrich the Health Mate brand and enhance your business. If your company is well-established with a solid marketing foundation, we’d love to talk!

If you’re serious about becoming a Health Mate dealer, the first step is to fill out a form and submit it online. This will help us understand your business better and prepare follow-up information. Upon reviewing your form submission, we will reach out via email or phone to discuss the next steps. If for some reason you don’t hear back within 48 business hours, you may also email our dealer specialist directly.

We appreciate your interest in Health Mate saunas, and we encourage you to learn more about our products by checking out our line of infrared sauna models and by reading our FAQ.

If you have questions about Health Mate, read more about our history and what our customers are saying about our infrared saunas. We’ve been making and selling infrared saunas for more than 40 years, and we are excited to grow our business along with yours!

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Where are Health Mate infrared saunas sold?

Health Mate sells its infrared saunas online and ships directly to your doorstep. Saunas arrive ready to assemble, a simple process that typically takes around 30 minutes.

Additionally, Health Mate saunas are sold from select retail vendors, considered dealers, that partner with us and who often sell other products, such as pools or spas, as part of their business. Currently, we do not have a list of all our retail partners available. If you are looking for a Health Mate retail location near you, please feel free to contact our Dealer Specialist.

Once you decide to purchase your infrared sauna directly from Health Mate, see our pricing and compare online. If you have questions or need additional information, see our Customer Service details.

To become a Health Mate sauna dealer or affiliate, please fill out our dealer form, and we’ll gladly be in touch. Please allow up to 48 business hours for a return call or email.

There are many reasons to choose Health Mate infrared saunas on your journey to better health. With more than a 40-year track record of success and innovation, Health Mate is confident we have a sauna to suit your budget and lifestyle. Take our sauna quiz to find your best match!

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What does my warranty cover?

Health Mate proudly offers a warranty that covers the most important parts of your sauna so you enjoy lasting use. Below are coverage details: 

Tecoloy Heaters           

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
An unconditional lifetime warranty means that the product is covered for its natural life.   

Wood Panels & Benches

5-Year Warranty
We use solid eucalyptus wood, which is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Eucalyptus wood is also anti-microbial, and with proper care and treatment can last for more than 30 years. 

Power Supply & Patented Controller                           

5-Year Warranty
Our power supplies are commercial grade and are extremely well built and safety compliant, meeting all industry certification standards. 

For technical support or additional questions, please fill out this form or contact us over the phone. 

Health Mate has been manufacturing quality in-home infrared saunas for over 40 years. Our wide selection of infrared saunas for sale ensures there’s something for everyone. 

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What are some sauna maintenance tips?

Health Mate® infrared saunas are simple to clean, and there is no regular updating required or parts to replace. The enclosed cabins generally keep out dust and dirt. For best sauna maintenance, treat it like a piece of fine furniture.

  • Because infrared saunas provide dry heat, the only thing to be aware of is moisture from perspiration. Use towels to wipe down the bench and underneath your feet.
  • If you still notice excess moisture after a session, simply wipe it off or crack the door or roof vent and keep the sauna running for a few minutes.
  • On occasion, you should wipe down your sauna exterior and interior. Use a moist towel dipped in a solution of water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and a few drops of high-quality essential oil such as tea tree, lavender, or lemon. Do not spray the cleaning solution directly onto the sauna surface. Avoid harsh chemicals. 
  • For places where there is a frequent use, like clinics and spas, consider using waterproof cushions or pads for better sauna maintenance.
  • Use your vacuum hand attachment to clean dust or debris from your sauna.
  • Perspiration stains don’t affect your sauna’s performance. To remove perspiration stains, simply lightly sand the spot and wipe it down.

If you would like more information on your sauna’s eucalyptus wood or for help with troubleshooting, return to the main FAQ page.

You may also contact our customer service team with additional questions or issues regarding sauna maintenance.