Sleep Deprived? 4 Ways Infrared Helps

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Groggy, foggy, or plain draggy? Could be another fitful night’s sleep. Thousands of people suffer from insomnia, in fact more than 70 million Americans have sleep disorders. This can lead to other serious health issues if undiagnosed. Many people have turned to supplements and sleep aids for help. But what if you learned that sauna therapy might be equally if not more effective for solid slumber? Infrared saunas are known for helping with recovery from pain, injury, migraines, muscle strains, and can even strengthen the immune system. What’s less commonly known is that if you’re feeling sleep deprived, there are 4 ways infrared helps with sounder sleep and reduces morning grogginess.

End of the Day Unwind

Shortly after stepping into your infrared sauna, you’ll begin to sweat, and your body will naturally begin to release tension. The intense heat spurs chemical changes, increasing the production of endorphins. Endorphins help calm and relax our bodies. In addition, hormones like cortisol, which triggers a flight or fight response during stress, will balance out as the infrared seeps into your core.

Sometimes we hold work stress in our tight shoulders or our back after sitting or standing for long hours. Any soreness, pain, or muscle tightness you experience, even if you’re not aware of it, will gradually disperse as a result of the high heat and sweating that occurs during an infrared session.sauna for sleep

Then there’s the mental stress. How to turn off the constant barrage of thoughts or concerns? Fortunately, the endorphin release helps here as well. Taking a few deep breaths and allowing yourself to recline in the stillness of the sauna will prompt the mind to begin letting go as well. Using the Bluetooth sync that Health Mate saunas feature lets you incorporate soothing music or meditation sounds to heighten your infrared experience.

The sauna works much like a good jog or workout, increasing your heart rate, but also providing a physical and mental release so that you can more easily wind down and cool off. So, then what?

Read on for more ways infrared helps with sleep.

Melatonin, Naturally

Speaking of cooling off, as you near bedtime, your body goes through a change in temperature. A core body temperature drop as you decrease activity which will also trigger the production of your body’s natural melatonin.

Medical research indicates that melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland that works with your body’s natural daily rhythm. It’s triggered by darkness or darkened surroundings. As we age, our body produces less melatonin, which can lead to disruptive sleep in our senior years. However, melatonin is not the only contributor to being well rested. Your caffeine, alcohol, and food intake along with digital exposure can all affect your sleep quality.

After ending your evening sauna session, your body temperature begins dropping. This will naturally kickstart the sleep process. For that reason, it’s also helpful to reduce the temperature in your bedroom at night. This assists with the body’s naturally occurring thermoregulation that ensures a good night’s rest. The more regulated your bedtime, the better.

Let’s Focus

For those mornings when you wake feeling less than 100 percent, infrared sessions can provide that extra time to focus and become more centered.  When you first wake in the morning, rather than immediately scanning texts, emails, or news, spending even just a 20-minute digital detox in the sauna helps you set the day’s intentions and form a to-do list in your head.chromo in sauna

Additionally, chromotherapy, a multi-light therapy feature, can help improve your frame of mind. Health Mate integrates chromotherapy using an overhead LED panel into many of its sauna models. Orange light induces cheerfulness and mental clarity. With Orange, you can induce more positive energy, happiness, and focus.

Beyond color therapy, the mere time spent centering yourself in preparation for the day ahead will do wonders.

Kickstart Your Heart

When it’s time to get the day rolling, do you grab coffee or a quick run? Jumpstarting your metabolism seems to be key to productivity. In fact, a recent study published in Cardiovascular Research journal concluded that exercise has even more impact on metabolism than originally thought.Woman checking fitness device on wrist while smiling

That said, infrared saunas can significantly boost your circulation and metabolism. In fact, regular sauna use benefits have been compared to the same achieved from running. Without even lacing up your athletic shoes, you heart gets a mini workout. This is due to the rise of your core body temperature which allows for your lymphatic, cardiovascular, and immune systems to release fat-based sweat. That in turn stimulates a healthier metabolism. Alongside that, the additional oxygen delivered to your brain and other organs improves energy.

What’s unique to infrared saunas compared to other types of saunas is how effectively the heat penetrates to raise your internal body temperature. Far infrared is the most intense, and one session in a sauna can help burn calories as it activates your circulation and cardio function.

Keep in mind, your journey to a better metabolism takes multiple lifestyle changes, including diet, but a sauna can help kickstart your energy for the day ahead.

If you’ve determined you’re sleep deprived, learning 4 ways infrared helps you achieve a better night’s sleep is invaluable. Keep in mind that an infrared sauna is an investment to better health all around. To learn more about Health Mate, check out why we’re the industry pioneer, or review FAQ to get answers to additional questions you may have.