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What if my sauna is slow to heat up?

Once you connect your sauna and turn it on, it should take about one minute to heat to the desired temperature per degree over 100. So, if you set your temperature at 120, it will take approximately 20 minutes to reach that temp. If for some reason your sauna is taking longer than normal to heat to the desired temperature, there are a few possible causes that are generally easy and safe to fix.   

First, check that all heaters are producing heat once the unit is on and the temperature gauge has been set. The bench heater will produce a lower temperature than the other heaters. 

Second, make sure the sauna vent at the top of your sauna is closed. This will ensure the heat is retained and reaches your desired temperature in a reasonable time.

If your sauna is outside, in your garage, or in a basement that doesn’t have an outside ambient temperature of 70 degrees, you can expect approximately 10-20 minute longer heat up times to reach the base temperature. 

Depending on the climate, there may be cold air affecting your internal temperature. You can add a piece of cloth to the cable and controller holes to reduce the amount of cold outside air affecting the internal temperature. 

Last, if your sauna is still slow to heat, try turning off the bench heater during warm-up. In order to turn off your bench heater, the line should be lifted and then the circle should be pushed down. This will allow your main heaters to produce maximum heat. Once you have reached the temperature selected, turn the bench heater back on.  

For additional assistance with heating issues, please contact our technical support team.