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Where can I get a cover or cushion for my sauna?

We appreciate your attention to care and comfort when using your Health Mate sauna. Covers and cushions for the majority of Health Mate sauna models can be purchased from Laguna Canvas.

We highly recommend using a cover if you are storing or using your sauna outdoors on a patio or in surroundings that are subject to weather. Ideally, you want to place your Health Mate sauna in a protected area, such as under an awning or overhang. While our saunas are designed primarily for indoor use, be aware of the proper outdoor placement.

Each Laguna Canvas product is made from high-quality, durable materials like those used for marine and boating products. Cushions are designed to enhance your comfort, and just like the sauna covers, are mold and mildew resistant. Because these items are sold from an outside vendor, they do not come under any Health Mate warranty or replacement coverage.

See our additional tips and suggestions for cleaning your sauna. To enjoy lasting use and proper operations, it’s important that you don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products on sauna panels or benches.

We also recommend unplugging your sauna if you think you’ll discontinue use for an extended time.