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Can I use my sauna outdoors?

The answer is, yes, you can use the sauna outdoors. 

Having your sauna inside your home provides a wonderful place to relax, de-stress, and improve your health. However, having your sauna outdoors creates a different type of environment that many people enjoy. Sometimes your space is limited indoors, and the outdoor option is simply more feasible. 

We have a few tips when placing and using your sauna outdoors to help improve the life of your sauna and prevent damage. 

Choose a safe, secure spot

We recommend a patio, under an awning or overhang. This is to ensure your infrared sauna stays protected from sunlight and the elements.  

If placing your sauna underneath a covering is not possible, or if you’re looking to protect your sauna from the great outdoors, there’s another option! Use a water-resistant outdoor cover specifically designed for Health Mate saunas.

Also, you want to ensure there is a secure enough foundation or floor surface to hold the weight of your sauna. Most Health Mate saunas range from 271 pounds (Renew 1 model) to 605 pounds (Elevated Health). 

Our saunas are built using the highest quality, solid eucalyptus wood. Although this is a very durable wood, over time with repeated exposure to the elements, the wood may expand and contract. This is especially true in colder climates. 

Prepping your sauna

Your infrared sauna warm-up times are based on an average household temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature around the sauna is below the 70-degree mark, you can expect the sauna to need more time to heat up. For example, if the temperature outside were 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the sauna would need about 10-15 more minutes to get to the desired level. 

Health Mate saunas are designed with a limited amount of glass panels or windows so as to prevent as much heat loss as possible. 

Keeping clear of critters

Make sure to deter animals and insects from your sauna. They’re naturally drawn to the heat and a sauna is like an invitation to a luxury home!  

The best way to prevent any intrusions is to plug the two holes in the floor of your sauna; there is one under the bench and one in the front right where you plug in your cables. You can use steel wool or a small piece of cloth to plug the hole, which will also reduce cold drafts. 

Proper power supply

Provide adequate power supply for outdoor placement. Be careful not to use power strips to power your sauna, which may cause the sauna to not turn on altogether and may damage the machine. 

See the proper power requirements page that details plug sizes for each of our infrared saunas.