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What does full spectrum mean?

When shopping for infrared saunas, you’ve likely read various terms about infrared heating. The most common are far infrared or mid-infrared. The other level of infrared heat is near-infrared. Each of these is based on the wavelengths emitted from your infrared heater.

Health Mate terms full spectrum as a sauna that offers all three levels of infrared heating—mid, far, and near-infrared. Full-spectrum infrared heating is available in the majority of our sauna models and helps deliver the entire range of benefits.

Starting with near-infrared, this is a lower frequency heating. Near-infrared light is emitted by our LED panels, which also provide light therapy, also called chromotherapy. The benefits of chromotherapy include mood enhancement, joint pain reduction, migraine relief, and more. Near-infrared is safe and has little-to-no side effects.

Mid- and far-infrared heat provides even more physical benefits within your sauna, as they are what generate the heat. These emissions can reduce muscle pain, result in detoxification, and improve circulation. This is due to the level of heat and penetration provided by mid and far-infrared rays. While you can’t see them, they are highly beneficial. After just 20-30 minutes in your sauna, you should notice a positive difference. And all of our saunas are rated low EMF, which means every level of infrared heat is within safe limits.

Ultimately, full-spectrum is the ideal choice for your infrared sauna. If you have questions about our models that offer full-spectrum, be sure to contact a customer service member to learn more.

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What does low EMF mean?

Infrared heat emits varying wavelengths that also give off electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This may sound like cause for concern, but all heat sources emit some level of infrared radiation.

Our daily lives expose us to varying levels of EMF from cell phones, appliances, computers, and more. We can’t see the waves being emitted, but they are there. Those items are considered Low EMF, or non-ionizing radiation. The EMF from your sauna fall into the lower and mid-frequency of the spectrum, so they are considered safe. There are high levels of EMF emitted from some sources, primarily x-rays and ultraviolet rays from the sun, from which you want to limit exposure. If you’ve ever been sunburnt, you know!

Fortunately, your Health Mate infrared sauna heaters have been 3rd party tested to verify the EMF emitted is at safe levels. This applies to our dual-micron Tecoloy heaters, which are what help deeply penetrate your skin for maximum infrared benefits.

We take your health and safety seriously, so not only are our infrared sauna heaters safe, but also the sauna controllers. Infrared therapy offers a myriad of benefits, so you should feel confident as you enjoy your sauna experience.

We encourage you to learn more about low EMF. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sauna specialists for additional information.

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What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy, also called color light therapy, has been a holistic healing treatment for centuries. The treatment has gained both popularity and validity since the 20th century when a published set of scientific principles explained the complete doctrine of chromotherapy and how different colors can improve health or heal us, either via visual stimulation or by directing the color at specific areas of the body.  chromotherapy is now an integrated part of many treatments and chakra healing conducted by wellness practitioners globally. 

We’ve all experienced improvements in mood when the weather turned sunny after being gloomy and dark, which is just one-way light therapy can help. But there are others as well. 

Diagram of the penetration of various light wavelengths into the skin

How Does Each Color Help?

The colors as part of the visual spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, primarily 6 colors, combined with a light source like our sauna LED panels and generate currents that penetrate the body. Each color has a different composition and potential benefit. Let’s take a look at what each color can do to help improve your health:

benefits of infrared color light therapy graphic

  • Green: Fights off ‘winter blues’ and Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Blue: Kills the bacteria that produce acne and may help relieve migraines.
  • Purple: Reduces anxiety and stress to promote serenity.
  • Red: Stimulates skin cells and collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • Orange: Promotes cheerfulness and clarity
  • Yellow: Boosts positivity and energy levels, giving a ‘brighter’ perspective 

Overall Health

Color light therapy is an added bonus of infrared sauna therapy, which not only helps with physical health but positively contributes to overall mental well-being, which is equally if not more important.  

Health Mate’s saunas that feature chromotherapy offer 6 different beneficial spectrum colors with the click of a button. In particular, red LED chromotherapy is calibrated to produce the most beneficial near-infrared at 780-940nm, providing the highest penetration available. 

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How does an infrared sauna work?

Infrared saunas use heaters that emit light from the electromagnetic spectrum. This intense infrared light therapy, or Waon therapy, generates heat that is absorbed by the skin. This is different from traditional steam or dry saunas that heat the air surrounding you.  

It’s A Dry Heat

Steam saunas and dry ‘rock’ saunas heat the room to around 190-220 degrees. An infrared sauna generates heat at a lower temperature that is actually being absorbed into the skin, thoroughly heating your body. This is much more comfortable than higher, humid temperatures of steam or wet sauna because your body is being heated from within rather than from the air.

Infrared Wavelengths

The electromagnetic spectrum includes the entire range of frequencies and light wavelengths emitted. Health Mate infrared sauna heaters can emit three different wavelengths–near-, mid-, and far-infrared. Infrared light is not visible to the naked eye but can be seen with special cameras and equipment.  

Near-infrared light creates a range of 0.76 to 1.5 microns and is of the shorter wavelength on the scale. This type of light penetrates just below the surface of the skin. Near-infrared has many benefits including mitochondria stimulation and activation of anti-inflammatory processes. It’s what you experience during chromotherapy, or light therapy, as it’s commonly known.

Next, mid-infrared light emits a range of 1.5 to 5.6 microns and reaches deeper parts of the body including muscles and joints. One benefit includes improved and increased blood flow and circulation. 

Finally, far-infrared light is the most deeply penetrating, with a range of 5.6 to 1000 microns to reach the core of the body. This type of light stimulates metabolism, can improve internal organ efficiency, and aids cardiovascular health. Another example of far-infrared light is the sun, which emits 50% infrared rays. 

Full Spectrum Infrared

Health Mate saunas provide all 3 kinds of infrared light using patented Tecoloy heaters in order to maximize health and recovery.  For near-infrared, we include LED light panels that also provide ‘light therapy’ or chromotherapy. We call this full spectrum, and it provides the maximum benefits attainable in an infrared sauna.

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