The Appeal of Saunas and How They Can Help Us

If you have ever visited a resort hotel, a sports club, or even your local gym, you have heard of a sauna and you most likely spent a good while inside one of them. They have quite a lot of charm and appeal, particularly for something so simple. They’re just hot rooms made out of wood, what’s so special about them? Well, they actually have a storied history spanning thousands of years. That’s right, those rooms where strangers sit almost naked and sweat are as old as the common era. And the reasons behind their longevity are mostly rooted in health and well-being, which makes them all the more interesting phenomena.


The History of Saunas

Saunas were born out of the need to survive. They were originated in Finland (in fact, “sauna” is the only Finnish word in English dictionaries), where the winters are notoriously ruthless. The first saunas were literally holes dug on the ground, eventually becoming little wooden cottages, where people would live through the winter. Stones would be heated on fireplaces and then have water thrown on them to produce steam. This way, the perceivable room temperature would rise and keep the inhabitants warm. The Industrial Revolution brought metal wood stoves and chimneys to the sauna tradition, and hence the concept we have today of such places was born. When the Finns migrated to different parts of the world, they shared their sauna designs and traditions, expanding upon their popularity.

The Health Benefits of Saunas

The regular use of saunas has been connected to a decreased risk of sudden cardiac death, high blood pressure, inflammation in the blood, and cardiovascular disease in their users. There have even been connections to reduced risks of pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as alleviation of the symptoms of the common cold. The relaxing and regulating effects of saunas have led to their increasing use in hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, as a means to aid in the patient’s muscular and joint pain or recovery. It is worth noting that the induced sweating caused by saunas can also help in detox processes, allowing for the body to rid itself from harmful toxins it might come into contact with.

Have a Sauna in Your Own Home

While the idea of having a personal sauna in your own might seem odd, it is actually a fairly common occurrence. In fact, almost every home in Finland has a sauna of their own! You may not be Finnish yourself, but you can have your very own sauna today too! No more having to share uncomfortable encounters in your local gym with semi-nude strangers. You can actually relax and enjoy all the benefits of a sauna from the comfort of your own home.

We at Health Mate have the ultimate sauna technology for you. With infrared technology, there is no need for the hassle of conventional saunas. With the added benefits of infrared thermal radiation (the same kind of heat the sun emits), these modern takes on saunas will provide a new source of relaxation, enjoyment, and betterment to your home. If you are interested or would like to receive a free quote, call us at (800) 946-6001!