The Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared technology might sound like something out of science fiction, a baking oven, or a Mission: Impossible movie. However, infrared sauna therapy is much more common in our everyday world than you might think, and it comes with a variety of positive effects when implemented correctly into our daily lives. One of the ways to do so is through an infrared sauna, which applies the infrared electromagnetic spectrum to the human body via a classic wooden sauna. Unlike regular saunas, which heat the body by means of conduction and convection through the wooden surfaces, these heat the body through infrared heaters emitting radiant heat, which the skin then absorbs.

infrared sauna therapy

Infrared Heat

Infrared heat is the result of electromagnetic radiation that has longer wavelengths than visible light, rendering it generally invisible to the human eye. It is used in a lot of different contexts, such as in various scientific, industrial, and medical applications. The heat radiation emitted by the sun’s infrared light makes up for 49% of the heating of the earth, making it one of the factors that allow for life on the planet. As far as the application of this heat goes, it actually extends beyond such. For example, it is used in manufacturing, cooking, and even in melting the ice off aircraft wings. And, of course, it is used in our infrared sauna therapy.

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Implementing the same kind of infrared heat emitted by the sun, an infrared sauna uses that same life-bringing heat to help your body’s general health. Everyone knows that saunas can help you with physical pain relief, but it is becoming more and more common to hear about their more substantial effects on the body’s deeper systems. That is, after all, the reason people sit in saunas in the first place: to use heat to sweat off toxins and other damaging waste. 

By removing these harmful substances stored in our cells, fat, and tissues, we are able to increase circulation, rid our skin cells of impurities, and improve upon our metabolism. This, when applied along with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, can assist with weight loss. The production of sweat and increased circulation help you burn calories and predispose you for a more efficient weight loss journey. According to some medical publications, using a sauna regularly has similar effects than jogging.

Try the Health Mate Infrared Sauna

Are you looking for an efficient way to enhance your detox process? Infrared sauna therapy can give you that extra boost you need to finally rid your body of impure toxins. By sitting in one of Health Mate’s Infrared Saunas, you can not only alleviate muscle and joint pain, but you will also help your body’s metabolism, boost your immune system performance, and fight the development of cellulite. Infrared saunas are more than just one more luxury to integrate into your home. They are an investment in yourself, in a healthier body, and in a better lifestyle. Call us now at (800) 946-6001 for an instant quote and head towards a better you today.