staying hydrated is important before and after infrared sauna sessions

Why Sauna After A Workout?

One of the best feelings once you complete a workout is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Whether you worked out in the morning and are ready to tackle the day, or you worked out in the evening and are ready to wind down, knowing you knocked out your workout just makes the day feel […]
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sauna couple

The Perfect Infrared Sauna For Your Home

Have you been in the market for an infrared sauna but are feeling overwhelmed? Today there are so many options that it can be hard to choose the right one. From heaters to cabin size to materials and prices, it’s important to learn what’s important and what you can afford. We want to be sure […]
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Low-EMF, highly emmisive technology

A Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Can Change Your Life

Today it’s easier than ever to help yourself get healthier, but sometimes eating right and exercising may not be enough. We are also in a constant battle against toxins and chemicals in the air around us and in the foods we eat. Especially of late, we also have to contend with airborne illnesses that can […]
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What an Infrared Sauna Really Provides

The term “infrared sauna” can be a bit confusing at first. Simply put, the sauna uses infrared technology for heat. This heat technology offers quite a few health benefits that other heating options don’t. However, before we dive into what an infrared sauna really provides, let’s differentiate between steam and infrared sauna.   Traditional Steam […]
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The Benefits of Good Health Saunas

When we say we offer “good health saunas,” that has multiple definitions. Yes, it means that the saunas we offer are designed to provide your body with better health. Rather than the food heat plants (which many so-called “infrared spas” actually use), ours use genuine, infrared lights. These give you all of the health benefits […]
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Can Infrared Saunas Help You Live Healthier?

The health benefits of infrared saunas and general sauna therapy have long been discussed by the medical community. Many study results have been reported in the last few decades alone. A lot of the benefits of infrared sauna technology are still being confirmed, and their recurring use in physiotherapy and holistic clinics is a positive […]
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