7 Amazing Benefits Of Infrared

Before the New Year even arrives, there are thousands of people setting new health goals for themselves every day. It could be to get fitter, to feel more relaxed, or to move beyond chronic pain. Which specific health benefits you seek to achieve can vary as much as the choice of sauna models on the market. But, thousands of customers all across the world will admit at least one of the following 7 amazing benefits of infrared makes owning a home sauna worthwhile.

Remarkably, relaxation and stress relief are not always at the top of the list. Additionally, some sauna health benefits may surprise you! Let’s dive in and learn more.

Healing Faster

As a child, days after you placed a Band-aid on a cut or knee scrape, you would peel it away to witness the “boo-boo” was nearly gone! The body innately heals itself. Back on the monkey bars or bicycle, you went. However, as we age healing can take a little longer than the playground days of our youth.


Infrared heat works with our body to expedite our healing process. The surface of our skin benefits particularly from near-infrared rays. The wavelengths that reach and penetrate our skin can help reduce inflammation, and red light from near infrared has been shown to activate fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells that help maintain and improve our tissue structure and help us heal. This is why our full-spectrum saunas, with near-infrared panels built right in, will provide benefits you may not have been expecting.

But that’s just near infrared. The mid and far rays are imparting even more health improvements deep below your epidermis.

Improving Circulation

One of our longtime customers recently shared that she was having trouble conceiving, after months of undergoing IVF treatments. “I subsequently went off treatments, and at the same time was using my infrared sauna. Not long after, I was able to get pregnant,” she said. Her doctor upon discovering this attributed it to better circulation resulting from the infrared sessions. That’s a great testimonial to the power of infrared! Indeed, increased circulation can have many health benefits.

We rely on good blood circulation not only to deliver oxygen to our lungs but also to distribute essential nutrients throughout our system. Lethargy and sedentary lifestyles can directly affect our bodily functions. Infrared saunas help improve circulation by increasing the temperature in our core which then helps expand blood vessels. This leads to better delivery of those nutrients, and simultaneously promotes a boost in cardio activity.
Meanwhile, you’ll also be sweating up a storm, which provides its own benefits, like detoxification.

Detoxing Your System

The stress of the day isn’t the only thing you can say goodbye to after a sauna session. Our patented Tecoloy Max heaters are uniquely engineered to allow you to sweat more quickly at high temperatures. As a result, your body will be releasing toxins that have been stored in your system. Even the most health-conscious person might not be aware of the sheer number of metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals impacting their health day to day. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do to avoid certain pollutants.

sweat detox
By sweating during a 20- or 30-minute sauna session, you can safely bid toxins ‘bon voyage’. Our infrared saunas are a powerful detox resource. As long as you are staying hydrated, the entire experience will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day or relax at the end of your evening. And you may even sleep more soundly.
Curious about what else saunas have to offer? It gets better.

Kickstarting Weight Loss

We’re all busy. Everyone would like to have enough time for fitness or enough money to hire a personal chef, but that isn’t always feasible. A personal home sauna can be a viable tool for meeting fitness goals. Amazingly, the intense heat generated by the powerful mid- and far-infrared rays helps increase our heart rate, resulting in a cardiovascular effect similar to jogging or running. The result? You can burn up to 300 calories and promote weight loss in a single visit inside your sauna.

Some of us live in a seasonal climate, where it might not be so enticing to brave the outdoors for a jog during fall or winter. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Rather, you can reap similar benefits all while relaxing in your sauna. Once the weather heats up again, your sauna is still a great wellness retreat for other reasons.
Read on…

Building Your Immunity

Your body is a germ-fighting machine, but it’s only as good as its healthy cells. While winter months can make us more prone to infection for various reasons, your sauna can be your best defense.Infrared Sauna Benefits for the Immune System - Health Mate Blog

Our infrared heaters don’t just make you sweat, they actually make your body mimic an internal fever. Your blood cells are kicked into high gear, fending off potential infection. Internally, your mitochondria are working to prevent inflammation and essentially heal your body. Far-infrared rays penetrate deep beneath the skin, so while you relax, a series of restorative actions are helping build your immune response. Studies have actually shown that infrared sessions when taken regularly can reduce the frequency of colds.
And what about aches and pain? We’re glad you asked.

Reducing Chronic Pain

Whether you’re recovering from a workout or more seriously, battling ongoing aching from issues like arthritis, migraines, or fibromyalgia, consider infrared treatment. It’s not just that we’re partial to our saunas, but actual medical evidence points to the benefits of infrared saunas for their positive results in relieving pain.

happy seniors

Far-infrared rays can work to flush out fluid that causes inflammation and swelling. While sweating and releasing these fluids, you’ll not only feel more relaxed but you’ll also free the body of toxins that might lead to autoimmune disorders. Your muscles receive an influx of oxygen from better circulation as well. This expedites the healing process.
The long-term benefits are worth the investment. But if you’re not already convinced, check out one more added sauna advantage.

Brightening Your Complexion

She’s glowing! You’ve heard this positive expression before and not just applied to a passing moment. Rosy, clear complexions are a sign of good health, which is why so many people shell out hundreds of dollars for skin care treatments that promise the same. But what if you could sit in your sauna for minutes a day and get some of the same results, and more?

Infrared saunas are a source of all the benefits you’ve read about so far. They could also be the answer to your acne or wrinkle issues, and figuratively, a way to time-travel back to a young-looking you.

We know that the stimulation of our cells and increased circulation offer better organ function, but our skin is the largest organ in our body! So it makes sense that our pores releasing toxins and our circulation distributing nutrients would also lead to improved appearance and increased collagen production. What? Yes, a study showed that after regular sauna sessions, our elastin and collagen production increases.

clear face

So, you won’t just feel better after a healthy dose of infrared, you’ll actually look better, too.
These are just 7 of the amazing benefits of infrared that have been popular.

We hope you’ll continue to learn more about Health Mate saunas, get pricing information, and consider our financing options. Contact our sauna specialists for details today.

Why You’ll Sleep Better With Infrared Therapy

Sleep is the best anti-aging remedy money can’t buy. For some of us, it can be elusive. And like many things, you don’t appreciate a good night’s sleep until it’s gone. Or hard to attain. So, aside from sleeping pills, sleeping masks, weighted blankets, and a bit of meditating, what can help assure we get more Zzzzzs? Enter the infrared sauna. Literally, step inside for 20-30 minutes at night. Let the heat do its magic, and there’s a great chance you’ll sleep sounder with infrared therapy.

Why would something designed to relax and even detox you provide better sleep, you ask? We wondered the same. But first, we looked at what’s keeping us awake at night in the first place.

What’s The Last Thing You Drank?

A nightcap, a second glass of wine with dinner, or a midday jolt of caffeine to keep us powering through the day—whether we know it or not, each can be a sleep deterrent. The alcohol isn’t as obvious, since it seems to help us wind down and therefore should be followed by a better snooze. Caffeine is a little more obvious. But even if your last sip of coffee was midday, it can still keep you up into the wee hours of the night.

“The half-life of caffeine—i.e., the amount of time it takes for the body to process just half—is usually around five hours but can vary from one to as much as nine hours,” says Dr. Broderick, a neurologist and sleep specialist. This means if you drink a cup of coffee late afternoon or even after dinner, you may not get as much shuteye.

Alcohol, on the other hand, even though it’s a depressant, causes rebound alertness, affecting our REM sleep, leading to insomnia, or leaving you groggy when you do wake. Cut out alcohol in the evening, and you could improve your sleep.

What about a glass of warm milk? Drink milk before you go to bed, and this age-old remedy may actually help, assuming you’re not lactose-intolerant. Tryptophan, which is an amino acid, helps produce melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone in our bodies that signals sleep. So, milk might be a viable option to help you nod off.

However, maybe something else is keeping you up at night.

Step Away From The Devices

The electronic age has left many of us wanting that last scroll, chapter skim, or read-through of whatever it is we’re drawn to on our devices before our head hits the pillow. For some, it’s checking social media. For others, it’s a reading good book or answering your last few emails before the day ends. These are all common practices, however, the thing that’s deterring our sleep is the fact that it’s all happening on a screen.

According to the Sleep Foundation, “The blue light emitted by many devices disrupts the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that facilitates sleep and can throw off your circadian rhythm.” Blue light suppresses melatonin, so it makes sense that if you spend an hour or more before bedtime staring at a laptop, phone or tablet, your sleep will be disrupted. Additionally, the stimulating effect of a movie or email on your brain makes it harder to power down.

So, let’s say you stayed away from alcohol and caffeine, set aside your device hours ago, and snuggled in for a final wind down. What else might be distracting you?

Organize Your Thoughts

Have you ever stayed awake worrying about a presentation or test the next day, or replaying a conversation in your head from earlier? Or you finally climb between the sheets and there are swirls of tasks left undone. Now you’re stressing about where they’ll fit in during the week. Any of these can lead to hours of tossing and turning.

Often when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, we really just need to be better at prioritizing. It could be as easy as establishing a bedtime routine. Or, write a to-do list and set it aside for when you wake up.

A study was published several years ago by the Sleep Research Society that showed that de-cluttering your bedroom space improves sleep. Something simple as putting laundry away can reduce sleep anxiety. Getting more organized in the bedroom in general can eliminate distractions and add a sense of ease to your surroundings.

Sounds like sweet dreams can be attainable, right? Let’s talk about the easiest task of all, an infrared therapy session.

Why Infrared As A Bedtime Routine?

Infrared saunas provide an amazing amount of health benefits after just a short, 30-minute session. Used over time, they can help your body recover from pain, injury, reduce migraines and muscle strains, and even strengthen the immune system. We’re still learning one area, which is why you’ll sleep sounder with infrared therapy.

Here’s what we understand so far—

Shortly after entering your infrared sauna, you’ll begin to sweat, and your body will naturally begin to release tension. The intense heat spurs chemical changes, increasing the production of endorphins. These help calm and relax our bodies. In addition, hormones like cortisol, which triggers a flight or fight response and can be produced as a result of any stress, will balance out as the infrared seeps into your core.

Any soreness, pain, or muscle tightness you are experiencing, even if you’re not aware of it, will gradually disperse as a result of the high heat and sweating that occurs during an infrared session. The sauna works much like a good jog or workout, increasing your heart rate, but also providing a release so that you can more easily cool off and wind down.Sauna Detox Benefits - Health Mate Sauna blog article

Speaking of cooling off, as you near bedtime, your body goes through a change in temperature. Your core temperature decreases before bed, signaling the production of melatonin.  Once you leave the sauna, your body temperature will begin dropping and kickstart the sleep process. For that reason, it’s also helpful to reduce the temperature in your bedroom at night. This assists with the body’s naturally occurring thermoregulation that ensures a good night’s rest.

And Now You Know!

Spending time in an infrared sauna can be a wonderful way to help you beat insomnia, along with many other health problems. While it’s important to have a balanced lifestyle, there’s a reason why this centuries-old tradition has made a strong comeback. It’s one of the easiest, least invasive paths to well-being, without any side effects.

Contact Health Mate for more information on how to get started enjoying infrared therapy in the comfort of your own home.

7 Questions About Infrared Saunas

Saunas are elevating how we invest in our everyday well-being. Finding the right sauna for your health needs and lifestyle can be challenging, though. At Health Mate Sauna, we use infrared technology that offers a rejuvenating and revitalizing sauna experience, providing plenty of mental and physical benefits along the way. To help you navigate the research process in choosing a home infrared sauna, we’ve answered the 7 most common questions about infrared saunas so you can make an informed decision.

1) How much does a sauna cost?

When you invest in an infrared sauna you are investing in so much more than just a piece of equipment. A sauna is also an investment in your health and well-being. Health Mate saunas can range in price from $2k to $10k+ with many options available among the models. Our premium, handcrafted saunas are designed to fit a variety of budgets. Plus, you have the option of financing, so you can own the sauna that’s right for you and pay it off over time.

sauna health benefits health mate sauna blog article

2) What are the health benefits?

From relaxation and pain relief to immune support and weight loss, the multitude of benefits a sauna provides is extensive. Saunas are most commonly known to help relieve tired, aching muscles after a long day, in addition to easing stress and tension. They can also help rid your body of toxins, ease joint pain, and aid in optimal blood circulation.

Is owning a sauna safe - Health Mate Sauna blog article

3) Is it safe to use?

Yes! Infrared saunas naturally warm the body from within, penetrating your muscles and nerves. Our saunas have all been tested for ultra-low EMF, which means your radiation exposure is at a safe level. Since infrared saunas heat the body instead of just heating the air in the room, it’s a more relaxing experience. Follow directions, along with any recommended medical advice, to ensure the best outcome.

How much electricity does a sauna use - Health Mate Sauna blog article

4) How much electricity does it use?

Infrared saunas do not warm the air or generate steam as a traditional sauna does. In that way, infrared heat emits at a lower temperature and requires less electricity. Health Mate saunas typically require 120V and can use a standard outlet in any room. However, larger saunas sometimes require additional voltage. See our models for more details and specifications. 

How much space does a sauna need - Health Mate Sauna blog article

5) How much space is required?

Health Mate saunas are designed as small as a portable dome sauna and as large as a therapy lounge. They don’t require additional plumbing or refurbishing. Also, saunas can be placed on wood, tile, concrete, or carpet, basically, anywhere you have a corner or free spot in your living area. Even better, they are simple to assemble!

Sauna Detox Benefits - Health Mate Sauna blog article

6) Does an infrared sauna help you detox?

Your infrared sauna will inevitably cause your body to sweat. Sweating is the body’s natural process for regulating temperature and allows for a level of detox which takes some load off your liver function. Infrared sauna technology heats the body directly by using infrared heat and light. This raises the body’s temperature deep inside the tissues and organs and promotes a deeper level of detox, while also boosting your immune levels.

Can you use essential oils in a sauna - Health Mate Sauna blog article

7) Can I use essential oils in the sauna?

Absolutely! We encourage you to incorporate essential oils into your sauna sessions to enhance the normal infrared sauna experience. With accessories like the Aroma Mate aromatherapy cup you can transform your sauna into a spa-like, calming oasis.


When you choose to elevate your health and well-being with a home sauna, you want to choose the best sauna possible. Now that you have some answers to the most common infrared questions about owning a personal sauna, choose to invest in yourself. Read up on the selection of our award-winning Health Mate saunas or check out our FAQ for more info on our saunas and care.

Infrared Sauna Benefits – A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever visited a spa or spent time at a gym, you’ve probably used a sauna. There are actually varied versions of saunas and each works slightly differently. An infrared sauna is an enclosed cabin-like space used for relaxation and wellness. Most are constructed using wood planks and can comfortably seat 1-4 people depending on the size of the unit.

Infrared saunas operate using heaters that give off electromagnetic heat rather than steam or hot air. The light from the heaters penetrates the skin at different depths using various wavelengths including far, mid, and near-infrared. These wavelengths operate at a lower temperature than other saunas, usually around 100 to 140 degrees. Since the heat is lower than in other types of saunas, it’s tolerable for a longer period of time. However, infrared’s heat penetrates deeper and results in intense sweat and a cascade of enhanced health benefits.

But what are the health benefits? Read on.

A Bounty Of Benefits

Infrared saunas have been around for nearly 60 years, originating in Japan in 1965. Many of the benefits of an infrared sauna have been known for decades. Some we are only recently discovering. Yet still more have yet to be discovered! Below are some of the benefits many happy sauna owners report.

Learn more details as you click the topic:

How We Know Saunas Work

Infrared sauna owners share many positive outcomes about their health and wellbeing after use. Below is a sample of some of the most impactful findings to date:

Use this information in helping you make an informed decision as you invest in an infrared sauna. More studies are developing all the time to reinforce what many of us already know—infrared sauna offers many benefits!

Although infrared sauna use is deemed safe, it’s important to have a good understanding of your body, be aware of any medications that may cause adverse reactions while you’re in the sauna, and use the treatment in moderation. As always, consult a medical professional before use if you have any preexisting health conditions.

Get The Most From Your Sauna Session

Once you’ve determined you are physically fine to use the sauna, there are a few things you can do to enhance your session. First and foremost, make sure the unit itself is properly wired, plugged in, and ready to go. Here are some ways to get the most from your sauna:

  • Stretch Your Body. Stretching out your body is a great way to enhance your sauna session. Try some yoga poses, similar to Bikram yoga which uses a heated room, as you stand or sit in your sauna.
  • Set The Best Temperature. Set the temperature of your sauna to your desired level. Since infrared saunas don’t need to be as hot as traditional saunas, a good rule of thumb is around 120 to 140 degrees.
  • Hydration is Key. Always drink plenty of water before you enter the sauna to prevent early dehydration and other adverse effects.
  • Clothes & Towels. Have a bathrobe or towels ready for when you sweat and perspire. This will keep you comfortable while also keeping your sauna clean and hygienic.
  • Set Your Time. Be mindful of the total time spent in your infrared sauna. Generally, 20-30 minutes is a good length, and more is acceptable depending on your needs, tolerance, and health condition.
  • Cleaning the Sauna. A quick bench wipe-down and cleaning after each use is recommended. Making sure your sauna is in tip-top shape after use ensures that you get the most life out of your unit over a long time.
  • Check the Electronics. Occasionally check out the components inside and outside of the sauna to make sure that everything is plugged in correctly and nothing looks damaged. This helps you avoid unwanted problems down the road.


Infrared offers so many positive health benefits, it’s no wonder that many people are opting to own a personal sauna. Add your own custom touch to make the experience one of a kind

Finally, consider one of Health Mate’s many sauna models, in addition to our enhancing accessories like the aromatherapy cup, backrest, and more. For questions, we encourage you to contact our sauna specialists, who can get you answers and match you with the best sauna for your budget and  lifestyle


Why Sauna After A Workout?

One of the best feelings once you complete a workout is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Whether you worked out in the morning and are ready to tackle the day, or you worked out in the evening and are ready to wind down, knowing you knocked out your workout just makes the day feel more complete.

You then hit the shower, put on fresh clothes, and then go on about your day, right?

Well, if that’s been your routine for a long time, we can tell you there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your workout and enhance many areas of your health at the same time, we recommend putting aside a few minutes right between the end of your workout and when you hit the shower, for a sauna session.

Keep reading as we go in-depth into why your post-workout routine should always include some time in the sauna.

Let’s dive in.

How to use a sauna after a workout

There can be many benefits to using a sauna after working out, however, it’s important to correctly use the sauna to your advantage post-workout.
Keep your sauna sessions short, no longer than about 20 to 30 minutes. If you are new to using the sauna, try shorter intervals in the 10 to 15-minute range.

Your body is already worn down from your workout, so staying in the sauna for more than the recommended time can cause you to dehydrate and overheat. Those who regularly use saunas can tolerate longer times, but the most important thing is to listen to your body.

If you start feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or have a headache coming on, it’s time to immediately exit the sauna and get some fresh air.

After exiting the sauna, be sure to drink two to four glasses of water to stay hydrated. This will also help flush out the remaining toxins in your body. Saunas cause a lot of sweating and you will need to replenish your fluids afterward.

We also recommend bringing a water bottle inside the sauna so you can stay on top of your hydration. By the time you feel that you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.

After you leave the gym, keep your activity light, however, mild exercise like walking will increase blood flow and help aid the recovery of your muscles.

If you are using a sauna at a gym be sure to follow proper gym sauna etiquette. This includes:

  • Showering before entering the sauna
  • Not entering the sauna nude
  • Respecting others in the sauna
  • Not exercising while in the sauna.

Should you use a sauna before a workout?

No, you should not use a sauna before a workout. It may sound like an easy way to “warm up” for your workout, but it can be dangerous.

Saunas increase your chances of dehydration. The heat in the sauna will cause unnecessary sweating before you start exercising and you run the risk of overheating and feeling light-headed during your workout.

Saunas relax your muscles, which is a benefit after your workout but becomes detrimental before a workout. If your muscles are too relaxed for your workout, you run the risk of damaging your muscles or injuring yourself with vigorous exercise.

What are the benefits of a sauna after your workout?

If done correctly, a short 20- to 30-minute sauna session post-workout can have a dramatic positive effect on your health.

Cardiovascular improvements

The heat from saunas increases your heart rate and blood flow. This means more blood is passed through the heart with less resistance by the arteries and veins, thus lowering blood pressure for increased cardiovascular health.

Many people exercise to improve their cardiovascular health, however finishing a workout in a sauna will prolong the increased heart rate, which further improves cardiovascular benefits.


A sign of a good workout can be how sweaty you are. Sweating helps cool you down during your workout, but it can also help your body release toxins. You can prolong the benefits and even increase your sweating in a sauna post-workout.

The rays from infrared saunas penetrate deep into the skin and help break up water molecule clusters which promotes detoxification or the release of harmful toxins in your body. These harmful elements can include alcohol, nicotine, toxic metals, and more. By removing these harmful elements from your body you are more likely to feel better after your workout.

Muscle Recovery

Working out causes microscopic damage to your muscle fibers which is why you may feel sore after your workouts. This is sometimes referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS and a little soreness is normal.

Have you heard the popular saying, “no pain no gain” before? The damage from working out eventually heals and your muscles get stronger and bigger. However, the soreness after working out can be very uncomfortable and may last days depending on how severe.

Using a sauna after your workout can help reduce the recovery time of your muscles. Saunas help increase blood circulation which carries oxygen-rich blood cells to oxygen-depleted muscles to enhance their recovery. The sauna also helps relieve muscle tension helping your body make the most of its healing abilities.

Lowers Stress Levels

Working out puts your body in a “fight or flight” mode that may last for some time after you get done exercising. By getting into the sauna after your workout, you relieve your body by coaxing it into a parasympathetic state, allowing for your body to de-stress, rest, and heal.

Reducing The Risk of Strokes

Alongside helping alleviate muscle soreness, body detoxification, and many other positive factors, a cohort study published by the Journal of Neurology in 2018 showcases that “middle-aged to elderly men and women who take frequent sauna baths have a substantially reduced risk of new-onset stroke.”

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Another benefit of sauna use is the improvement of insulin sensitivity. According to a study conducted in 2009 by Mark F McCarty Jorge Barroso-Aranda and Francisco Contreras:

“Regular thermal therapy, using saunas or hot baths, has the potential to improve impaired insulin sensitivity and boost the endothelial expression of the “constitutive” isoform of nitric oxide synthase–effects, analogous to those of aerobic training that should promote vascular health.”

What this tells us next improving insulin sensitivity is that sauna use is comparable in certain effects to actually partake in aerobic activity. Unfortunately, you can’t replace working out with a sauna session, but using both in conjunction with each other can produce some great effects on the body.

Increases Hormone Production

For those wondering if sauna use has any effect on your hormone production, you’re in luck.

According to a study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology:

“Eight healthy young men were studied during three periods of heat exposure in a Finnish sauna bath…Plasma noradrenaline increased about 100% at 80 D, 160% at 100 D, and 310% at 80 DH. Adrenaline did not change. Plasma prolactin increased 2-fold at 80 D, 7-fold at 100 D, and 10-fold at 80 DH. Blood concentrations of the beta-endorphin immunoreactivity at 100 D, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) at 100 D and 80 DH, growth hormone at 100 D, and testosterone at 80 DH also increased, but cortisol at 80 D and 100 D decreased.”

What this is ultimately saying is that growth hormone levels within the body were increased, in part due to time in the sauna, how hot the sauna was, and the frequency of sauna use.


Saunas have been around for thousands of years and we understand the many benefits that come with using them. However, that does not mean we know everything yet. Researchers still continue to conduct studies to this day to widen our understanding of how it affects the body and its internal systems.

Based on research and studies, the benefits of using a sauna after a workout are clear.

Taking the time to incorporate a short 20- to 30-minute session after each workout can have a positive effect on one’s health, from muscle recovery to cardiovascular improvements.


Health Mate Saunas is the leading manufacturer of infrared saunas for the home for over 40 years. Our high-quality infrared saunas are made with 100% natural, whole wood that is naturally anti-bacterial and sustainably sourced. For more information on our line of premium infrared saunas, contact us today to see how you can improve your skin, your health, and your life.

Start (or End) the Day Right With a 2 Person Sauna

“We don’t seem to talk much anymore.” Do you find yourself saying that to your partner? Or, do you hear them saying it to you? It’s completely understandable. Look at how busy we are all now. It’s difficult to spend a whole day at work, exercise, go through your life, and still find that time to spend with the person that matters most to you. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your relationship, it probably just means that you’re lacking in an opportunity to get it done. A 2 person sauna provides just the place. 


Together in Comfort 


Most people, when think of “sauna,” think of the saunas they might have encountered in hotels or gyms. Those saunas are anything but private, and in many cases, anything but comfortable. As people are going through saunas essentially every day of the year, they tend to wear down quickly. Our saunas, your private home sauna, are essentially made to be the opposite of that. This sauna can be comfortable to sit in. You can even have the music that you want playing. Imagine kicking back with your beloved after a long day, sitting in a sauna, listening to “your songs.” That’s love. And, it’s life in a Health Mate Sauna. 

2 person sauna

Healthy Together 


In relationships, it sometimes feels like there’s one person whose role is always to tell the other: “you need to take better care of yourself” (of course, they often phrase it better than that). This person can change from one to the other over the course of a relationship. When you’re trying to spend more quality time with the one you love, it’s natural to think to spend more time out at a restaurant or a bar. That can be fun, but these saunas can be a better place to connect to your partner. When you’re in one of our saunas, you’ll both get the incredible health benefits that come from being in a sauna. That means you’ll both be soaking in that warmth, both of you will have all of the toxins flushed out of your body. With our 2 person sauna, you can live healthier together. 


Sauna on a Whim 


Say that, right now, you or your partner leaned over to the other and said: “let’s go to a 2 person sauna.” For many, this would be an impossibility. Maybe you’re reading this at very early in the morning, or perhaps very late at night. At neither time will a public sauna be open. Even if a sauna is open, well, you’d both have to get to it. That means you’d have to get dressed, and also bring with you what you’re going to wear in the sauna. When you have your own sauna, all of these considerations vanish. If you want to just go into a sauna early in the morning, late at night, or any other time of the day, you can do so. For the right kind of sauna for you and your home, call us at (877) 595-3221.

Good Health Saunas: A Good Investment

When you invest in good health saunas, you’re investing in more than just a sauna. You’re investing in your own health, in your own well-being. These saunas can help you in so many ways that go beyond money. However, they’re pretty easy on your bank account, too. If you’re looking for something that will last, and provide you with value for a long period of time, our saunas absolutely fit the bill. 


Affordable Saunas


We know that there are many different kinds of home saunas out there. You can find incredibly expensive ones, that are larger than the size of many houses, and feel like somewhere you could park your car in. By that same token, there are many so-called “affordable” saunas that are so useless, they’re not worth the price even if they were free. That’s why we built our saunas to provide you with a great sauna experience without charging you too much money, either. Our saunas provide top quality at multiple price points. That way, as many people as possible can enjoy our saunas. 

good health saunas

Health Sauna Financing 


Not everyone who wants a sauna is interested in paying for one right on the spot. That’s completely understandable. There are several financing options available. With them, more of our customers can find a way to fit a sauna into their life. These plans give you a chance to essentially “pay as you go” with our saunas, so that you can get the sauna you need quickly, and pay it off over time. 


Good Health Saunas With an Actual Lifetime Warranty 


There are few phrases more abused in business than “lifetime warranty.” Seemingly every product comes with a lifetime warranty, however, when you look at the fine print, you find increasingly stretched definitions of the words “lifetime” and “warranty.” We don’t believe in any of that deception, and we would never do that to our customers. So, when you get one of our saunas, you’ll be able to take advantage of our unconditional lifetime warranty. If you go to our site and look up the warranty, you’ll notice that we put the word “unconditional” in bold, black letters. We did that for a reason. 


Truly “Unconditional” 


When we say that our warranty is “unconditional,” we mean it. You’ll note there’s no asterisk by the word “unconditional.” We don’t mean “unconditional”  as in “well, there are actually plenty of conditions” or “mostly unconditional” or anything like that. Unconditional means unconditional and nothing else. This is a warranty that’s as strong as our saunas. 


A Good Health Sauna for Life 

With this warranty, you’ll be able to get the benefits that come with a sauna for years to come. For many of us, as we age, the benefits that we can get from an infrared sauna increase. Recovering after a workout or a longtime becomes all that much more important. Being rejuvenated after a long day at work can have so many benefits. To see what a sauna can do for you, call us at 877-595-3221.

The Perfect Infrared Sauna For Your Home

Have you been in the market for an infrared sauna but are feeling overwhelmed? Today there are so many options that it can be hard to choose the right one. From heaters to cabin size to materials and prices, it’s important to learn what’s important and what you can afford. We want to be sure you have all the info you need to make an informed choice. Read more to learn how to choose the perfect infrared sauna for your home.

An Industry Leader in Saunas

Health Mate pioneered the infrared sauna industry in the U.S. We’ve been manufacturing our own saunas for over forty years, earning the respect of our peers and customers. What helps us stand above our competition is our innovative approach and the materials we use. We have advanced the technology used in saunas, developing and patenting a heater that provides customers with the safest and most effective infrared available. We also work to choose sustainable resources to align with what’s better for the global community.

Ideal Options in Saunas

When you look to Health Mate, you’ll learn that we have fantastic options to suit every lifestyle and budget–the perfect infrared sauna for your home We have saunas designed to fit 3-4 adults, taller adults, and smaller living spaces, and more. Ergonomic Backrest Makes Sauna Experience More ComfortableYou can even add accessories that will enhance the type of experience so it’s best for you. Our pricing is flexible and varies from model to model, plus there are financing options available.

Get Your Infrared Sauna

If you find that a sauna is in your future, be sure to review Health Mate’s entire line so you can learn all the amazing features and benefits. Our saunas and accessories give you everything you want and more so that you can have a relaxing experience that offers you fantastic health benefits. When you are ready to make a purchase, or have specific questions about our saunas, just call us at (877) 595-3221. A sauna specialist is waiting to help you get the perfect sauna for your home, your family, and you!