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Infrared: A Radiant Approach to Longevity

When it comes to extending our lifespan, researchers and scientists have explored hundreds if not thousands of influences, from diet and exercise to innovative medical advancements. Whether it’s drinking kombucha tea, practicing H.I.T. fitness, or genetic rewiring, new findings and recommendations are reported annually. Recently, there has been a focus on the relationship between infrared […]
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Gut Feeling: 4 Ways IR Benefits Your Biome

Bloating, acid reflux, cramps, GERD–these are all signs that something is off with our digestive tract. In fact, 60% or more of Americans suffer from digestive disorders or disease. Clearly our guts have gone nuts! Fortunately, we have access to healthier food than ever, plus probiotics, prebiotics, and other supplements. Medical development has improved for […]
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3 Reasons To Wake Up With Infrared

Like clockwork every morning you roll out of bed, shower, and grab coffee—not necessarily in that order. Maybe you skip the coffee and instead, grab a smoothie or lemon water. And maybe you don’t shower because you did that the night before. Whatever the case, it’s important to start the day feeling refreshed. Some people […]
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Embrace Summer Heat Using Infrared

As summer temperatures climb and the allure of water beckons, it’s time to relish the outdoors, basking in the beauty of beaches, lakes, rivers, and pools. While many sauna enthusiasts might abandon their infrared sessions for cooler activities during this season, think again! A good way to embrace summer heat is—using infrared! Better Heat Tolerance […]
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Do You Need A Dopamine Detox?

We’re a society that’s become accustomed to instant gratification. And that’s not terrible. However, the problem with anything that’s instant is that we get accustomed to it and want it more, often to the point of detriment. At some point for our own good, we simply need to step away and take a break. It’s […]
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A young woman wearing a robe and relaxing in an infrared sauna while holding up a body brush to her face.

What Are The Benefits of Infrared Saunas?

Infrared saunas have been around for nearly 60 years, first introduced in Japan in 1965. Not long after, Health Mate began selling them in the U.S. Since then, saunas have been part of well-being practices for decades. Some benefits we only recently uncovered. Yet still more have yet to be discovered! One of the first […]
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Does Infrared Ease Autoimmune Disease?

Have you ever owned a treadmill or exercise bike only to have it turn into a clothes rack months later? For fitness equipment to be effective, it takes personal commitment, motivation, and energy. Owning personal exercise equipment adds extra convenience when the goal is to prevent illness and build strength or endurance. But what if […]
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How Infrared Can Help With COPD

It’s the end of the day, and you can’t wait to relax in your home sauna. Oh, the joy of having your own personal wellness oasis! What you might not realize is that saunas aren’t just amazing health tools for easing stress and chronic pain. In addition to relaxation, infrared provides benefits beyond muscle strain […]
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